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Children and Adolescents Sexuality

Sexuality and Media

Mobile phones as accelerators of sexual behaviorMasahito TakahashiSydney 2007 
'Funny shit about sex': using vulgar comedy on YouTube to reach young men with information about healthy sexual developmentAlan McKee2014 
Masturbation in the MediaAnne-Frances WatsonCanberra 2011 
The role of emerging communication technologies in experiences of sexual violence and concurrent responsesSarah Calleja2015 
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Sexual Education and Prevention

I can talk about sexuality: sexuality education for children aged 7 - 13Shona ChartersSydney 2007 
Definitions of risky vaginal intercourses and self-efficacy: important for promoting condom useNelson Chun-yiu YeungSydney 2007 
Preventing sexual abuse and violence in school settings in Mexico. A five-year experience.Esther Corona-Vargas2009 
I'm not big on contraception: exploring the pathways to unplanned pregnancy in adolescent femalesJennifer Fenwick2009 
Adolescent sexuality: contemporary challengesAnthony SmithSydney 2007 
Positive and protective: putting sexuality education into prevention of childhood sexual assault programsHolly BrennanSydney 2007 
Effective sex-ed: confessions by a believerIne VanwesenbeeckGlasgow 2011 
The right to sexual health: a pilot study on sex education and young people with intellectual disabilitiesLotta Löfgren-Mårtenson2011 
Improvement of Sexual Health in young peopleGisela Lange2012 
History of school-based sexuality education and its effects in JapanChie Nakazawa2012 
Crosscultural comprehensive sexuality education: similar approach leads to similar curriculaJo Reinders2012 
Sexuality Education in Schools and Faith Based SettingsDebra W. Haffner2012 
Sexual health peer education programs in the community youth sector: what works, what doesn't and what can they achieve?Rebecca Walker2013 
Sexuality Education in Australian Secondary Schools - A Teachers PerspectiveMarisa SchlichthorstCanberra 2011 
Cost and cost-effectiveness analysis of school-based sexuality education in six countriesEvert KettingGlasgow 2011 
Development of the international guidelines for school-based education about sex, relationships and HIV/STIsEkua YankahGoteborg 2009 
Focus Schools Program: SHine SAJane Flentje2013 
Towards a WAS Youth InitiativeAnton Castellanos Usigli2011 
Intervention development to improve adolescents' experience of school-based HPV vaccination.Spring Cooper Robbins2013 
SafeLanding: a model for addressing the barriers to teaching sexuality and relationships education in schools.Mandy Stevens2013 
When you cannot dance, but you can recite: promoting the sexual health of young people with refugee backgroundsAlison Coelho2014 
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HIV Prevention Program

Reaching gay, bisexual, and queer adolescent males: Development and refinement of an online recruitment strategyTonya Prescott2016 
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Perspectives on education

The Big Picture: a Western Australian Perspective on Educating Educators about Sexuality Education.Lorel MayberrySydney 2007 
Pedagogy and Classroom Strategies for Teaching Young Students Sexuality: a Perspective of Feminist PedagogyHsing-chen YangSydney 2007 
Coming of age online: what clinicians, educators, and parents need to know about Cyber SexualityJoanie Farley GillispieSydney 2007 
What do we know? What can we do? Putting research into practice in adolescent sexualityAnne MitchellSydney 2007 
Not for the 'Faint Hearted': Engaging Young People in Researching Sexuality EducationAmanda Smith2015 
Ignorance is not Innocence: Why talk about sexuality, sexualisation, sexual behaviours and prevention of sexual abuse in our classrooms?Holly Brennan2015 
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Research in Sexuality

Predictors of Parental Comfort in Educating their Children about SexualityLin S. Myers2007 
Incorporation of Life Skills Education for Adolescents in the School Curriculum - Rajasthan ExperienceSunil Thomas JacobSydney 2007 
Trend of research work on at-home sexual education in Japan and points remain to be solvedShishido AkiyoSydney 2007 
Higher Pregnancy Rates among Icelandic versus Nordic AdolescentsSóley BenderSydney 2007 
Changes in sexual behaviors of adolescents and sexuality education in JapanChie NakazawaSydney 2007 
Sexual knowledge, attitudes and behaviour among Danish adolescents (Part I)Christian Graugaard2011 
Sexual knowledge, attitudes and behaviour among Danish adolescents (Part II)Lisbeth B. Knudsen2011 
The Sexuality Education of Australian GLBTIQ Youth: Messages, Usefulness, RecommendationsTiffany JonesCanberra 2011 
The sexual health of Maori secondary school students in New ZealandTerryann ClarkCanberra 2011 
Carving the future - Prevent today's youth from becoming tomorrow's HIV victimsWienta DiarsvitriGoteborg 2009 
Implications of Escalating Erectile Dysfunction in Youthful Men Resulting from Internet Pornography UseVikki PriorMelbourne, 2012 
How to deal with sexual complaints from adolescents (Portuguese)Sylvia Cavalcanti2014 
Definitions of early first sexual intercourseWendy Heywood2014 
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General Resources for Children and Adolescents Sexuality

Just Say Y.E.A.H. - Australia's New Approach to HIV Education and PreventionHayley MaticSydney 2007 
Mooditj: a Sexual Health and Life Skills Program for Indigenous Young PeopleMelissa May2007 
An HIV/Methamphetamine Intervention Program for At-Risk Minority Youth: the Wheel Club (Wholistic Health Education and Empowerment for Life).Andrew S. WaltersSydney 2007 
Development of the international guidelines for school-based education about sex, relationships and HIV/STIsEkua YankahGoteborg 2009 
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Internet resources for children and adolescents sexuality

Respect Yourself. Protect Yourself: a Condom Normalization CampaignBarbara K HubermanSydney 2007 
Internet counselling for adolescents - the importance of language and structure for the interpretation and understanding of on-line repliesChristina Wind2012 
'Get the Facts.' A qualitative evaluation of a sexual health and BBV web-site for youthLisa Bastian2012 
The Sexunzipped website for sexual wellbeing for young people: early results of a pilot online RCTJulia BaileyGlasgow 2011 
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Perspectives on children and adolescents sexuality

Sexual Orientation, Marginalization and Youth SuicideGerard SullivanSydney 2007 
Addressing the disturbed, like ripples in water. Networking for children who transeEsben Esther P. Benestad2012 
A Longitudinal Analysis of Predictors of Male and Female Adolescents' Transitions to Intimate Sexual BehaviorLucia O'SullivanGlasgow 2011 
Awareness, knowledge and willingness to deal with sexual education among students in academic colleges of education in IsraelIlana BroschGoteborg 2009 
The Dutch Approach - starting as young as possibleSanderijn van der Doef2013 
Do subtle neuro-developmental difficulties impact on young peopleâs gender identity choices?Samuel SteinMelbourne, 2012 
Disclosures by children of child sexual violence following sexuality educationHolly BrennanSydney 2007 
Patterns of adolescent sexual initiation: A cross-national comparisonLaura Prendergast2014 
A new conceptual approach to adolescent sexuality/sexual health: an evidence based critique of Stanley Hall's theory (Spanish)Bernardo Useche Aldana2014 
Earlier, later or asexual: sexual activity of Japanese adolescentsYukari Ishikawa2015 
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Parenting: children and adolescents sexuality

Never Too Early: Supporting Parents And Carers To Confidently Manage Healthy Communication About Sexuality With Young ChildrenShona ChartersSydney 2007 
Sexual Rights, Parents and Young PeopleGill GreerGlasgow 2011 
Sexual rights from a youth perspectiveArushi Singh2012 
The limits of school-based sex education: Lessons from rigorous evaluations in the UKMarion HendersonGlasgow 2011 
'Parents, Tweens and Sex' iPad app: the leader for enabling Sexual IntelligenceSarah Calleja2015 
Role of parents or, Modern families: how to talk to grown-ups about sexJenny Walsh2015 
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Disability and Sexuality

Sexual activity, experiences of intimacy and sexual dysfunctions in adolescents aged 13-18 years with mobility impairmentLena JemtåGoteborg 2009 
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Politics, Cultures & Societies: Children and Adolescents Sexuality

Youth, gender and pornography: a qualitative study in SwedenLotta Löfgren-Mårtenson2007 
French government strategy in sexual healthThierry Troussier2010 
Human rights as the foundation for sexuality educationOlsson Hans2012 
UNESCO Symposium: Cost, Cost-effectiveness and Scale-up of Sexuality EducationJoanna Herat2013 
Youth sexuality in Germany repeat survey of 14 to 17 year olds current focus: migrationAngelika Hessling2013 
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Demographics and epidemiology of children and adolescents sexuality

Transphobia: a Price Worth Paying for Gender Identity Disorder?Sam Winter2007 
The sexual behavior and consciousness of japanese youth: an orientation of 'pure love'Yukari Ishikawa2007 
Nationally rolled out school-based sexuality education programme and decreasing rates of STI, HIV and unwanted teenage pregnancies - the case of EstoniaKai Haldre2012 
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