Dr Elham Attalla


Dr Elham, MD, MSexol, is a Consultant Family Physician, and the first Clinical Sexologist in Bahrain. She is a recognized pioneer in treating patients with sexual dysfunctions from Bahrain and around the Gulf area, and is currently running a specialized clinic, the first of its type in Bahrain, for sexual disorders. In addition to her mission to help as many women and men as possible with their sexual concerns, with the utmost confidence and privacy, Dr Elham is interested in promoting sexual health education for both professionals and the public. She had conducted several professional workshops and educational seminars for health care workers. Moreover, Dr Elham had addressed the public of Bahrain and the Arabian Gulf region through a series of workshops, seminars and lectures. Dr Elham is a Board certified Consultant Family Physician, works at the Ministry of Health. Dr Elham had received her MD from the Arabian Gulf University at Bahrain. She received the Board Certificate in Family Practice Joint Program accredited by Ministry of Health, Bahrain, and the Irish College of General Practitioners and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 2001 and graduated from the Arab Board for Medical Specialties program for Family Medicine in 2002. In 2008 she earned Postgraduate Diploma in Sexology and in 2009 earned her Masters of Sexology (MSexol) with distinction, both degrees from Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia.

Elham Attalla
Elham  Attalla


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Barriers to Presenting Sexuality2015



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