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Perspectives in Sexuality

General presentations on sexuality

Taking it Personally: Understanding the Variation in Responses to Sexual DifficultiesKirstin Mitchell 
Sexology and sexual health: Between globalisation and local specificitiesAlain J Giami 
Sexuality Education in the Academy: An Update on Undergraduate and Graduate Instruction in the United StatesBetsy Crane, Ph.D. 
Sexual ethics: Healthy sexuality ? Discussing normative affiliations of the conceptTommi Paalanen 
The sexual self: a measure of meanings, applications, and future developmentAnnie I. Cotton 
A Short-term Prospective Study of Female Sexual Subjectivity, Age, Sexual Behavior and Romantic StatusMelanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck 
The role of verbal and nonverbal communication in couples' sexual satisfactionPablo Santos-Iglesias 
World database on sexual healthPedro J. Nobre 
Infectious disease and catching the mediaMark Metherell 
What is (normal) sex? Definitions from DSM, sex therapy and alternative sexual communitiesMeg Barker 
Narratives of self, identity and sexuality: lessons from the marginsMichelle Bass 
Sex Therapy and the Cultural Construction of SexualitySandra Pertot 
Let's talk about sex baby! Using the Gottman approach in sex therapyTanya Koens 
Débat: la taille du pénis est-elle importante pour la femme? (Non) (French)Michele Pujos-Gautraud 
Long-term clients who access commercial sexual services in Australia: Dissociating from stereotypesHilary Caldwell 
Débat: la taille du pénis est-elle importante pour la femme ? (Oui) (French)Nicole Arnaud-Beauchamps 
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Sexual Representation

The Analysis of Sexual Representation on Taiwanese Folk ArtWan-Jin Lin 
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Research in sexuality

Determinants of Sexual Dysfunction: the Contribution of Psychological, Medical, Relationship and Psychopathological FactorsPedro J. Nobre 
Intimate gaze: Hormones and sex differences in response to sexual imagesKim Wallen 
The Sexual Tipping Point: A Mind/Body Model For The Past, Present & FutureMichael Perelman  
The mind and the genitalsMarita McCabe 
Turning Sexy Thoughts into Sexy Behaviours: Heterosexual Daters' Sexual Initiation BehavioursDeanne C. Simms 
Definition of Sexual Satisfaction, a qualitative analysis of on-line respondents in cohabitation: the role of gender, sexual orentation, religion and sexual problems.Patrícia Pascoal 
Deconstructing sex: an in-depth qualitative exploration of women's sexual experiences and difficultiesMadalena Grobbelaar 
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Perpectives on Treatment of sexual disorders

Genesis of the Contemporary Distraction - the Role of Science in the Decline of SubjectivityRobert Porto 
Current guidelines on Testosterone replacement in men and womenKevan Wylie 
Sexual Surrogacy and Sex Work: Similarities and DifferencesRachel Wotton 
Sex, drugs and the medical role.Natalie Hamam 
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Politics, cultures and societies on Perspectives in Sexuality

Clinical Sexology: Indian Perspective and ReflectionsD. Narayana Reddy 
The politics of abstinence-only until marriage promotion: The US as a case studyWilliam A Smith 
Dimensionalizing Adultery: the Porous Nature of (In)FidelityAndrew S. Walters 
Letâs Talk about Sex': Kinsey, Outrage and the Invention of Postmodern SexualitiesAnthony Pryce 
Phallus, Performance and Power: Crisis of MasculinitySharful Islam Khan 
Professional and Survivor Discourses: Connections and Contradictions of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Sexual Intimacy in Women's LivesKristina J. Birchmore 
Attitudes to Marriage and Sexual Behavior among Japanese YouthNatsuki Nagata 
The impact of stigma on health and social care contexts: client and provider perspectives.Rachel Phillips 
From vision to realityIrwin Goldstein 
Sexual Rights: an IPPF declaration - From rights to realities: advancing the IPPF declarationStuart Halford 
Sexuality, globalization and ethicsTom Claes 
Development of a charter of sexual and reproductive health and rights by young EuropeansGvantsa Khizanishvili 
Sexual health and rights: Experiences from community actionRenu Khanna 
Human sexual Rights: From Valencia to the Future; In memoriam Juan Jose Borras VallsRuben Hernandez Serrano 
Philosophical Sexual EthicsTommi Paalanen 
The concept of sexual rightsGill Greer 
Is There a Future for Christian Sexual Ethics?Tiina Vilponen 
Sexuality and LUTS: an Asian perspectiveDoddy M. Soebadi 
Between Globalisation and National Culture: the transformations of sexology into sexual medicine in Europe and Latin AmericaAlain J Giami 
Young people's view on telephone and webcam consultations for sexual health.Cameryn Garrett 
The intricacies of implementing international gender-related policies to promote sexual health and rights in IndonesiaLynda K. Wardhani 
An assessment of the current sexual health situation in Latin AmericaEusebio Rubio-Aurioles 
The Social Organization of SexualityJeffrey Weeks 
It's All One Curriculum: Guidelines and Activities for a Unified Approach to Sexuality, Gender, HIV, and Human Rights EducationDoortje Braeken 
New approaches in sexuality education - including a special focus on the role of EuropeJoanna Herat 
Freedom of sexual orientation as a sexual right in need of legal protection: a Cuban studyRita Pereira 
Cultural Respect and Communication GuideRobert Monaghan 
SLAMS in Latin AmericaMiguel Alfredo Rivero 
The Social Constructions of Vaginal Practices in Indonesia: the Use of Traditional Remedies to Dry and Tighten the VaginaIwu Dwisetyani Utomo 
Minority Stress and it Relationship to Sexual ProblemsBrian Zamboni 
Friends-with-benefits relationships; how are baby boomers doing it differently from young people?Linda Kirkman 
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