Peter W. Robertson


Over 30 years ago Peter Robertson set up a laboratory which consolidated diagnostic serological testing in a singel laboratory at Prince Henry hospital in Sydney. This was the first laboratory in Australia to amalgamate Viral & other microbial serology. In 1974 single-handedly he packed, dispatched, assessed and reported the first set of Quality assurance samples for the RCPA serology survey which is now an internationally recognised programme. In 1979 this laboratory was the first in Australia to report results of serological tests using the Enzyme immunoassay after the technique had been adapted as a diagnostic assay for specific IgM antibodies to Cytomegalovirus. In 1981 he was the inaugural national convener of the serology special interest group of the Australian society for microbiology. One of his most valued honours was twice being invited to deliver lectures on serological diagnosis at the National institute of Health in Maryland USA.
Since 1985 he has supervised the functionality of this laboratory as a NSW state reference laboratory for HIV testing & during that time has participated and contributed to both state and national testing activities both in research and Public health related to HIV infection. Working with his close friend and colleague, the late Prof John Tapsall, the laboratory also became a WHO collaborative laboratory for syphilis serology. Although not widely publicised this laboratory diagnoses the most new cases of HIV in Australia and provides a diagnostic service to a number of private and public clinics in the network. He has published over 75 papers in peer reviewed journals and holds the position of conjoint associate professor in the school of medical sciences at the University of NSW.

Peter W. Robertson
Peter W. Robertson


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Some serological hazards of HIV and Syphilis testingCanberra 2011



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