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Sex workers

Decriminalisation of Sex Work

Celebrating 20 Years: Lessons Learned from the Decriminalisation of Sex Work in AustraliaZahra Stardust 
Has decriminalization impacted on the non-work contexts of sex workers lives? A preliminary analysis of in-depth interviews with New Zealand sex workers.Lisa J Fitzgerald 
The impact of decriminalization of the sex industry on New Zealand sex workers: some early observations on health and safety within work environments.Gillian Abel 
Decriminalisation of Sex Work: the New Zealand ExperienceGillian Abel 
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Research on sex workers health

When Sex is Work: Exploring Diversity in the Relations Street-Based Sex Workers have with their ClientsFrances M Shaver 
Substance use patterns among sex workers & other frontline service workersMikael Jansson 
An exploratory study of women involved in prostitution and their psychosocial experiences' of the Irish health care serviceLeigh-Ann Sweeney 
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Perspectives on Sex workers

Sex Workers on Hospital PremisesGrahame K. Simpson  
Narratives of self, identity and sexuality: lessons from the marginsMichelle Bass 
What predicts job satisfaction among female sex workers? A study from Queensland, Australia.Charlotte Seib 
The impact of stigma on health and social care contexts: client and provider perspectives.Rachel Phillips 
Living under the shadow of stigma : The everyday lives of sex workersMichelle Bass 
Prostitution and SexSusan Carr 
Lived Experiences of Australia's Street-Based Sex Workers: the Impacts of Stigma and DiscriminationRachel Lennon 
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Politics, cultures and societies and sex workers

Resistance and Recognition: Sex Workers OrganizingFrances M Shaver 
The health and safety of sex workers in a decriminalised environment : the New Zealand experienceGillian Abel 
Sex industry legislation and its impact on sex industry culture and the practices of sex workers.Janelle Fawkes 
Sex work policy and the impact on sex workers: Canadian and Australian and lessonsBarbara Sullivan 
STI/HIV venue based testing: sex worker styleCharles Cloniger 
The criminal - Toleration of sex work : Canadian opportunities for positive actionFrances M Shaver 
A demographic survey to identify aspects of lifestyle, conditions and characteristics of London sex-workersCaroline Hollins Martin 
Tackling Sexual Health Inequalities in Glasgow: Working with Men Involved in ProstitutionJulian Heng 
HIV/STDs Prevention Attitudes and Practices among Japanese Men Using Sex Entertainment ServicesYuko Higashi 
Sexual Surrogacy and Sex Work: Similarities and DifferencesRachel Wotton 
Sex (work) education.Zahra Stardust 
Why Do People Go to Commercial Sex Workers?Arunkumar Subbian 
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Sex workers working with disabilities

Professional disability awareness training for sex workers (PDAT): An innovative educational workshop by Touching Base inc.Rachel Wotton 
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Sex Workers and STD prevention

Condom use among Japanese heterosexual men utilizing the sex entertainment industry.Yuko Higashi 
STD prevention for sex workers' clients via internet - the Sexsicher approachHarriet Langanke 
Sex worker health: San Francisco styleCharles Cloniger 
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