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Sexual Desire, Eroticism, Sexual Arousal and Intimacy

Sexual desire, Lust, Intimacy

Can lust last?Berta Davis 
The Psychophysiology of Sexual Desire and ArousalErick Janssen 
Neurobiology of Sexual DesireJames Pfaus 
Current research on sexual desire and arousal: psychophysiological processes, individual differences, and behavioral effects.Erick Janssen 
The evolution of sexual desire: A view to gender differencesOsmo J. Kontula 
Intimacy, Desire and the 'Difficult Couple'David Schnarch 
Women's Desire: if not Less, is Awesome! (Portuguese)Carmita Abdo 
What is Driving Sexual Desire?Kevan Wylie 
Together or apart? A study of the role of intimacy in conflicts and reasons for separating among couplesOsmo J. Kontula 
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Erotic Intelligence: The paradox of Intimacy and SexualityEsther Perel 
In search of the perfect erotic mealEsther Corona-Vargas 
Seduction is a necessary component of sex in long staying relationshipsAlfons Vansteenwegen 
Eroticism: The Paradox and Sex TherapyAlireza Tabatabaie 
The return of desire: opening the heart to erotic connectionGina Ogden 
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Male Sexual Desire

The Complexity of Male Sexual Desire?Elaine George 
Male sexual desire.Elaine George 
Male population with low sexual desire treated with an association of testosterone (intramuscular) and transdermal testosterone gelCarlos Moreira 
What Affects Male Sexual Desire: What We Know and Still Need to Find OutElaine George 
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Sexual Desire Disorder

Sexual Activity and Sexual Desire at the Age Over 45Osmo J. Kontula 
A Practical Guide to Overcoming Desire DiscrepancyRosie King 
Reclaiming 'Lost' sexual desire with body-oriented therapyAndrea Haas 
A character analytic approach to working with desire problemsSissel Schaller 
Hypoactive sexual desire disorder: prevalence and differential diagnosisAnita Clayton 
Male population with low sexual desire treated with an association of testosterone (intramuscular) and transdermal testosterone gelCarlos Moreira 
Prevalence of Women's Sexual Desire Problems: What Criteria Do We Use?Marita McCabe 
Treatment Options for female sexual dysfunctionFaysal El-Kak 
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The Right to Desire

The right to desire - What about pedophiles?Tommi Paalanen 
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Treatment and Managment Desire Disorders

Nontraditional Medical Treatment for Sexual Desire Disorders in Women - Research PerspectiveBeverly Whipple 
Practical management of female HSDD/desire discrepancy disorderMargaret Redelman OAM 
Non-traditional Medical Treatment for Desire Disorders in Females - Ob/Gyn PerspectiveLeah Millheiser 
Traditional and Non-Traditional Medical Treatment for Desire Disorders in Females - Psychopharmacology PerspectiveBonnie Saks 
Traditional and Nontraditional Medical Treatment for Desire Disorders in Females - The UK PerspectiveDavid Goldmeier 
Randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, parrallel design trial of the efficacy and safety of Zestra® in women with mixed desire / interest / arousal / orgasm disordersDavid M. Ferguson 
Integrating psychosexual medicine and pharmacotherapy in the management of sexual dysfunction: Hypoactive Sexual Desire in Men.Luiz Otavio Torres 
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Societies and Sexual desire

Reduced Sexual Interest in a Random Sample of Norwegian CouplesBente Træen 
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