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Sexual Health Professionals


Breaking the barriers to reproductive health with grassroots outreachDian Harrison 
Development and implementation of guidelines for STI and STD prevention in GermanyHarriet Langanke 
Representations of women sexuality among nurses in BrazilElisabeth Meloni Vieira 
Sexuality and Serious Mental Illness Educating New Graduate Nurses: Graylands Hospital, Western AustraliaJuanita Marchesani 
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Sexual stereotypes on clinical practice

The effects of sexual stereotypes on clinical practiceAntonio Prunas 
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Professional Training of sexual Health Professionals

Training and Knowledge among Sexual Health ProfessionalsBrian Zamboni 
How to include ethical issues in capacitation groups? (Spanish)Maria Luisa Lerer 
Training in Male Sexual and Reproductive Health for Primary Care Physician. Is It Beneficial?Shaiful Bahari Ismail 
Educators' SkillsSara Nasserzadeh 
Sex Therapy for PsychiatristsPierre Assalian 
Training basic sexual history taking for residents in Obstetrics & GynaecologyJohannes Bitzer 
LGBT certification of the health care sectorSuzann Larsdotter  
Mission Impossible - how to grow grass rootsMary Clegg 
The role of the forensic medical examinerClare Lipetz 
Training programs for sexologists in EuropeOsmo J. Kontula 
Sexological Education University of AgderElsa Almås 
35 years on - the evolution of the integrated, biopsychosocial approachJulie Fitter 
What is Sexology, and what is happening professionally in Australia in this field?Margaret Redelman OAM 
Training in Sexual Health and Human Rights in West Africa - Process of Scaling up for Sexual HealthMamadou Dieng 
Training of Trainers in Sexual Health and Human Right: Process of Scaling Up for Sexual Health Counselling.Mamadou Dieng 
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General resources for Sexual Health Professionals

Songs in the Key of Life: Popular Music as a Tool for Sexual Health Educators and CounsellorsLorel Mayberry 
The integrative approach of the WPA modelSimonelli Chiara 
A study of commercial advertisments appearing in sexual health/medicine journalsSandip Deshpande 
Preaching to the converted. Advocacy workshops for sexual health professionalsEsther Corona-Vargas 
Sexual health peer education programs in the community youth sector: what works, what doesn't and what can they achieve?Rebecca Walker 
Capital B: update in the management of Hepatitis BBenjamin Cowie 
Writing Grant ApplicationsChristopher Fairley 
Diagnostic Manual For Sexological DiseasesFernando Bianco Colmenares 
The principles & structure of a Sexual Assault Referral CentreJackie Stamp 
Surgical Aspects of Transgender MedicinePeter Haertsch 
Statistical design and analysis of studies: avoid it, DIY, consult or collaborate?Niels Becker 
Promoting the Sexual Health and Rights of People with DisabilitiesTim Bavinton 
Mindful sex: Incorporating mindfulness into sex therapy for women with mixed female sexual dysfunctionsAlice Hucker 
Distress and treatment seeking for vulvodynia and vaginismus.Kathy Bond 
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Internet Resources for Sexual Health Professionals

A Virtual Environment Enhancing Sexual Health PromotionSirpa Valkama 
Effect of On-Line Sexuality Education on Health Professional Studentsâ Comfort in Provision of Sexual Health CarePatricia Weerakoon 
Internet counselling for adolescents - the importance of language and structure for the interpretation and understanding of on-line repliesChristina Wind 
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Perspectives for Sexual Health Professionals

Sex Therapy and the Cultural Construction of SexualitySandra Pertot 
Taking it Personally: Understanding the Variation in Responses to Sexual DifficultiesKirstin Mitchell 
An Overview of the Latest Advances in Sexuality Training and SupervisionWilliam Stayton 
Sexuality Education, Certification and Improved Sexual HealthKonstance McCaffree 
Certification of Sexuality Counselors and Therapists is Instrumental in Maintaining the Legitimacy and Efficacy of the ProfessionHelen Ginger Bush 
Sexual Health as Fundamental to Promoting Human DevelopmentEli Coleman 
Information technology in sexual health services.Christopher Fairley 
Working with Victims of Sexual AbuseEsben Esther P. Benestad 
You've got to respect Today TonightAlan McKee 
World database on sexual healthPedro J. Nobre 
The psychiatrist and sexual medicine practiceRuben Hernandez Serrano 
Beyond porn: erotica in sexual health education and therapyNatasha Feingold 
Improved partner notification through a web-based partner notification service: Let Them KnowSarah Huffam 
Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity in Sex TherapyDavid S Ribner 
Sexuality and Sexual Concerns of People with Disabilities, and the Implications for Health ProfessionalsMatthew K. Yau 
Oropharyngeal carcinoma related to human papillomavirusAngela Hong 
'What's in a Name ...'Helen O'Connell 
Sex, drugs and the medical role.Natalie Hamam 
The Ask Share Know Project: a research translation study of three consumer questions to enhance treatment decision makingAlexandra Barratt 
Investigation of immune markers that may explain association of CMV antibody titres and cardiovascular risk in HIV+ individuals stable on HAARTSamantha Brunt 
What is Driving Sexual Desire?Kevan Wylie 
Positive SexualityIvan Trofimoff 
How is sexual risk constructed? A comparative study of young mothers, their teachers and sexual health nurses in the UK.Beverley Anne Yamamoto 
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Politics, Cultures, Societies and Sexuality on the Internet

Coming of age online: what clinicians, educators, and parents need to know about Cyber SexualityJoanie Farley Gillispie 
Sex and Marital Therapy for the Chinese in Modern Day Hong Kong & ChinaEmil Man-Lun Ng 
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Demographics of Sexual Health Professionals

Development of Sexology and Sexual Health Education in FinlandKatri Ryttyläinen 
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Paraphilias and the DSM-V: General diagnostic issues and options exemplified with Pedohebephilic DisorderRay Blanchard 
What is (normal) sex? Definitions from DSM, sex therapy and alternative sexual communitiesMeg Barker 
World Professional Association for Transgender Health: Mission and Vision. Response of WPATH to the proposed DSM 5 criteria for Gender Incongruence and Transvestic DisorderGail Knudson 
'Birthgasm': A literary review of orgasm as an alternative mode of pain relief in childbirth.Lorel Mayberry 
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Holistic Approach to Sex Therapy and Supervision

Integrating Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit: A Holistic Approach to Sex Therapy and SupervisionGina Ogden 
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