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Sexuality Education

General presentations on Sexuality education

Philosophy principles and practice in sexuality education for professionalsRosemary Coates, AO2009 
Sexuality Education in Universities: a South African Case StudyJane BennettSydney 2007 
National guidelines for sexuality education in NigeriaUwemedimo Uko EsietSydney 2007 
Implications of Therapy in Sexual HealthEmil Man-Lun Ng2009 
Contemporary Review of Scientific Research on Variables Related to Positive, Healthy Sexual Communication among Singles and Couples, with Practical ApplicationsLinda De VillersSydney 2007 
Effective sex-ed: confessions by a believerIne VanwesenbeeckGlasgow 2011 
Crosscultural comprehensive sexuality education: similar approach leads to similar curriculaJo Reinders2012 
Projekt SåSant - Sexual health project for public schools in MalmöTomas K KarlssonGoteborg 2009 
Experiences from the master program in sexology at Malmö University, Sweden: a pilot studyLotta Löfgren-Mårtenson2009 
The right to sexual health information; Engaging the public in Nigeria through the use of print mediaAminu M. GarbaGoteborg 2009 
Lighting the fire, not filling the pail - positioning sexuality in the Australian curriculumCecelia Gore2012 
UNESCO Symposium: Cost, Cost-effectiveness and Scale-up of Sexuality EducationJoanna Herat2013 
Awareness, knowledge and willingness to deal with sexual education among students in academic colleges of education in IsraelIlana BroschGoteborg 2009 
'Stepping out into the sunshine'; A model of the impact of quality sexology education on undergraduate students.Lorel MayberryMelbourne, 2012 
Engaging, practical and empowering: Sexuality and relationships education at Curtin University, Australia that supports pre-service teachersJacqueline Hendriks2017 
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Sexual Education in Elementary School

We know more than what you think: Parents' understanding, through their children’s drawing, the importance of sexual educationEnriqueta Valdez-Curiel2016 
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Professional training and sexuality education

Educators' SkillsSara NasserzadehSydney 2007 
Training basic sexual history taking for residents in Obstetrics & GynaecologyJohannes Bitzer2009 
A Study of the Efficacy of Peer Sexuality Education Program among College StudentsChu Yuan-hsiangSydney 2007 
Factors that influence training of professionals to deliver sexuality educationKonstance McCaffreeGoteborg 2009 
The evolution of sexology in Nordic countriesOsmo J. Kontula2012 
Educating about sex and relationships: the role of schoolsJanice Atkin2015 
Sexuality Education in the Academy: An Update on Undergraduate and Graduate Instruction in the United StatesBetsy Crane, Ph.D.Glasgow 2011 
Master in Human Sexuality Studies. 50 years experience with training sexologistsPaul Enzlin2013 
Development and implementation of guidelines for STI and STD prevention in GermanyHarriet LangankeGlasgow 2011 
An Exploratory Study to Identify Obstacles and Enablers to Communication about Erectile Dysfunction Following Cardiac TraumaGundi Kiemle2013 
SafeLanding: a model for addressing the barriers to teaching sexuality and relationships education in schools.Mandy Stevens2013 
Sexology Research: Theory to PracticeMaryanne Doherty 2013 
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Group interventions in sexuality education

Factors that influence training of professionals to deliver sexuality educationKonstance McCaffreeGoteborg 2009 
Research Methods for the Evaluation of Group Interventions in Sexuality Education and EnhancementBarnaby B. Barratt 2010 
Congreso morelense interescolar sobre sexualidad humana. Promoting comprehensive sexuality education at high schools in Cuernavaca, Moreles, Mexico: The experience of a 20-year old psychology student.Anton Castellanos Usigli2009 
Towards a WAS Youth InitiativeAnton Castellanos Usigli2011 
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Psychiatry training and sexuality education

Sex Therapy for PsychiatristsPierre Assalian2009 
Integrating sexology education into psychiatry training: perspectives from the USADennis K. LinGoteborg 2009 
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General resources on sexuality education

Songs in the Key of Life: Popular Music as a Tool for Sexual Health Educators and CounsellorsLorel MayberrySydney 2007 
A Comprehensive Sexuality Educational Programme in Iceland: the Long-Term ViewSóley BenderSydney 2007 
The integrative approach of the WPA modelSimonelli ChiaraSydney 2007 
It's All One Curriculum: Guidelines and Activities for a Unified Approach to Sexuality, Gender, HIV, and Human Rights EducationDoortje Braeken2013 
What are we saying? A content analysis of educational materials on sex after stroke.Natalie Hamam2013 
Shameful SilenceYuri Ohlrichs2009 
Taking peer education a step further: Scarleteen as a model of youth-driven sex educationKaryn FulcherMelbourne, 2012 
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Internet Resources on Sexuality Education

On-line sex education, counselling and therapyPatricia WeerakoonSydney 2007 
'Get the Facts.' A qualitative evaluation of a sexual health and BBV web-site for youthLisa Bastian2012 
Effects of Online Comprehensive Sexual Health Education for LGBT YouthBrian Mustanski2015 
'Parents, Tweens and Sex' iPad app: the leader for enabling Sexual IntelligenceSarah Calleja2015 
Understanding the Whole-Person Centred approach to inspire authentic human connectionLiz Walker2015 
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Perspectives on sexuality education

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes: Sexuality Education from Birth to DeathMaryanne Doherty 2013 
Sex and Marital Therapy for the Chinese in Modern Day Hong Kong & ChinaEmil Man-Lun Ng2009 
An Overview of the Latest Advances in Sexuality Training and SupervisionWilliam Stayton2009 
Sexuality Education, Certification and Improved Sexual HealthKonstance McCaffreeSydney 2007 
Certification of Sexuality Counselors and Therapists is Instrumental in Maintaining the Legitimacy and Efficacy of the ProfessionHelen Ginger BushSydney 2007 
How to build a better comprehensive sex education programDouglas KirbyGoteborg 2009 
What are the Promises of Sexuality Education for Developing Countries?Adenike O. EsietGoteborg 2009 
A qualitative study of undergraduate students' learning experience in sexologyLorel MayberryGoteborg 2009 
Sexual rights from a youth perspectiveArushi Singh2012 
Human rights as the foundation for sexuality educationOlsson Hans2012 
Cuba: From gender equity towards LGBT rightsMariela Castro EspinGoteborg 2009 
Sexuality Education in Schools and Faith Based SettingsDebra W. Haffner2012 
You've got to respect Today TonightAlan McKeeCanberra 2011 
Sexuality Education in Australian Secondary Schools - A Teachers PerspectiveMarisa SchlichthorstCanberra 2011 
New approaches in sexuality education - including a special focus on the role of EuropeJoanna HeratGlasgow 2011 
The limits of school-based sex education: Lessons from rigorous evaluations in the UKMarion HendersonGlasgow 2011 
Young Clean and SafeKate Senior2014 
Relationships, trust and contraceptive use among adolescents in regional and remote Australia: Implications for Sexuality EducationJanet Helmer2015 
The challenges and opportunities for sexuality education today (Spanish)Esther Corona-Vargas2015 
Not for the 'Faint Hearted': Engaging Young People in Researching Sexuality EducationAmanda Smith2015 
Students' Perspectives on the Timing of Key Learning Topics within Sexuality Education in AustraliaBernadette Duffy2015 
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Issues in need of Sexuality Education

Common Sexual Complaints in Conservative Societies: Unconsummated Marriages & Small PenisHussein GhanemGlasgow 2011 
Challenges to recovery for severely wounded veterans of warWilliam Stayton2011 
The Sexuality Education of Australian GLBTIQ Youth: Messages, Usefulness, RecommendationsTiffany JonesCanberra 2011 
A Longitudinal Analysis of Predictors of Male and Female Adolescents' Transitions to Intimate Sexual BehaviorLucia O'SullivanGlasgow 2011 
The Ask Share Know Project: a research translation study of three consumer questions to enhance treatment decision makingAlexandra Barratt2014 
Rape Avoidance: a somewhat different form of sexuality educationMarika Guggisberg2015 
The challenges of providing sexuality education for people with disabilitiesSandra Norman2015 
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Politics, Cultures and Societies and sexuality education

Sexuality education as a political battleground in Latin AmericaEsther Corona-Vargas2009 
Mooditj: a Sexual Health and Life Skills Program for Indigenous Young PeopleMelissa May2007 
I'm not big on contraception: exploring the pathways to unplanned pregnancy in adolescent femalesJennifer Fenwick2009 
Men - a barrier to accessing SRHR services.Edgar SimbeyeGoteborg 2009 
Are we promoting sexual health? Experiences of sexuality education in Puerto RicoCarlos Rodriguez-Diaz2011 
Wanted sex: women's desire vs societal normsCaroline A. Kambona 2012 
What is healthy sexuality? Learning from entertainmentAlan McKee2012 
Non formal sexual rights education and sexual pleasure: experiences from a grassroots training program in TurkeyEvre KaynakGoteborg 2009 
How sexual rights were utilised in the making of sexuality education: An experience from LebanonFaysal El-KakGoteborg 2009 
Strategies for addressing cross cultural conflict in sexuality educationDon A DysonSydney 2007 
Sex and Movies : a tool for sexuality educationRuben Hernandez SerranoGlasgow 2011 
Cost and cost-effectiveness analysis of school-based sexuality education in six countriesEvert KettingGlasgow 2011 
Comprehensive sexuality education in Latin America. An investment in social and personal well-beingEsther Corona-Vargas2012 
Teaching program of sexology in RomaniaRodica MacreaGoteborg 2009 
Carving the future - Prevent today's youth from becoming tomorrow's HIV victimsWienta DiarsvitriGoteborg 2009 
Learning the Art of Assessing and Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Young People in Conservative Muslim SocietyQadeer BaigGlasgow 2011 
A new approach for sexuality education in the European Region: 'Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe'Christine Winkelmann2013 
New approaches in sexuality education in FinlandDan ApterGlasgow 2011 
The Dutch Approach - starting as young as possibleSanderijn van der Doef2013 
HIV prevention for rural youth in Nigeria: Evaluation results of school and community based programs.Eleanor Maticka-Tyndale2013 
Masturbation in the MediaAnne-Frances WatsonCanberra 2011 
I can talk about sexuality: sexuality education for children aged 7 - 13Shona ChartersSydney 2007 
When you cannot dance, but you can recite: promoting the sexual health of young people with refugee backgroundsAlison Coelho2014 
Challenges in the development and implementation of sexuality education in Harbin Medical University and other institutions, ChinaPeng Tao2016 
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Post graduate Training Programs

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