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Sexuality and Wellbeing

Sexual Health, General Health

Sex to Promote General HealthNicole Prause 
Long-Term and Short-Term Health Benefits of Sexual Expression in Care (and Cure)Woet L. Gianotten 
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Sexual Satisfaction

'A smile on my face': Women’s descriptions of sexual satisfactionMadalena Grobbelaar 
Sexual Behaviour and Satisfaction in Finnish Heterosexual WomenMargita Sundstedt 
Hyperhomocysteinemia and sexual dissatisfaction: A clinical observation in neurological disorder patientsWei-Hsi Chen 
The Sexual and Marital Satisfaction in Intercultural Western-Japanese Committed Romantic Relationships. The Implications for Sex Therapy and Couple Counselling Based on the Qualitative Study.John Andrews 
The types of sexual activity of women and their sexual satisfaction, mental health and quality of relationships: A literature reviewMarjan Khajehei 
Definition of Sexual Satisfaction, a qualitative analysis of on-line respondents in cohabitation: the role of gender, sexual orentation, religion and sexual problems.Patrícia Pascoal 
On Orgasm, some Correlates and Sexual SatisfactionKatarina Öberg 
The role of verbal and nonverbal communication in couples' sexual satisfactionPablo Santos-Iglesias 
Débat: la taille du pénis est-elle importante pour la femme? (Non) (French)Michele Pujos-Gautraud 
Sexual satisfaction and outcomes in women with vaginal agenesisSonia Grover 
Wellbeing and sexual esteem as predictors of women's sexual satisfaction and functioningSandra Vilarinho 
What predicts job satisfaction among female sex workers? A study from Queensland, Australia.Charlotte Seib 
Débat: la taille du pénis est-elle importante pour la femme ? (Oui) (French)Nicole Arnaud-Beauchamps 
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Research - Health, Wellbeing and Sexuality in Women

Women's health: what's sex got to do with it?Patricia Barthalow Koch 
Does Diabetes influence sexual function in womenAnnamaria Giraldi 
Endometriosis and quality of sexual life: what do we know?Francesca Tripodi 
Pleasure and orgasm in women with female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C)Catania Lucrezia 
Recent insights into genital herpes infections: HSV shedding, treatment and interactions with HIVMarcus Chen 
Mindful sex: Incorporating mindfulness into sex therapy for women with mixed female sexual dysfunctionsAlice Hucker 
Hormones and Women's Sexuality: which, when and whyAlessandra Graziottin 
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Perspectives on Health and sexual wellbeing

The Benefits of Sexual Expression on Physical HealthBeverly Whipple 
The benefits of sexuality on social, emotional and spiritual healthTerry Hull 
Sexual behaviour and well being of Australian prisonersJuliet Richters 
Sexual health in Parkinson's diseaseJacinto Azevedo 
Continuing declines in genital warts in young women and heterosexual men: population effects of the national quadrivalent HPV vaccination in Australia, 2004-2010Basil Donovan 
The mind and the genitalsMarita McCabe 
Supporting vulnerable adults attending sexual health services - The Sandyford ApproachTamsin Groom 
Stroke survivors' perspectives on sexual concerns and the need for information.Mallika Aurora 
Sexual Intelligence: helping people get what they really want from sexMarty Klein 
The Ask Share Know Project: a research translation study of three consumer questions to enhance treatment decision makingAlexandra Barratt 
Barriers to Presenting SexualityElham Attalla 
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Demographics on Health and sexual wellbeing

The Durex Global Sexual Wellbeing 2006-07 SurveyKevan Wylie 
The sexual health of Maori secondary school students in New ZealandTerryann Clark 
The Sexunzipped website for sexual wellbeing for young people: early results of a pilot online RCTJulia Bailey 
Freedom of sexual orientation as a sexual right in need of legal protection: a Cuban studyRita Pereira 
Sexual health of immigrantsSris Allan 
Proving that collaborative research is do-able in the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Sector that will improve outcomes in STI and BBVMark Saunders 
Sexual Health and Sexual Behavior in the United States: Trends from the 2009 and 2012 National Survey of Sexual Health and BehaviorMichael Reece 
How important are self-perceptions of genital appearance for sexual wellbeing?Natalie Centner 
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