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Research in transgender Issues

Biopsychosocial changes to sexuality for transgender individuals undergoing hormone therapy in Western AustraliaJessica Cleasby2016 
Case Study of a Male-to-Female Transgender Client with Multiple Sclerosis and a History of Severe Childhood Abuse, Aged 56, after 85 Counselling Sessions over two and a half years.Elizabeth Riley2007 
Transgender identities and practices: preliminary results of a national multi-centric survey in FranceAlain J GiamiGlasgow 2011 
ICD diagnostic reform and trans peopleSam Winter2015 
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Working with transgender people

Relationship between Gender Identity and Physical Treatment among Transgender People in JapanShoko SasakiSydney 2007 
Success Variables Working with Transgender YouthMichele M AngelloSydney 2007 
Trans issues and sexual health: Therapy, Intimacy and Transgender People.Damien Riggs2015 
Therapeutic Approaches for Transgender ClientsElizabeth Riley2017 
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Children and Transgenderism

Addressing the disturbed, like ripples in water. Networking for children who transeEsben Esther P. Benestad2012 
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Perspectives on Transgenderism

The Development of a Model of Sexual Self-Perception and Activity in Men Following Treatment for Prostate CancerNarelle HanlySydney 2007 
From freak to fashion: transsexualisms' 40 year transitionRichard GreenSydney 2007 
Transgender identities and practices: preliminary results of a national multi-centric survey in FranceAlain J GiamiGlasgow 2011 
Integrative approach to gender dysphoriaAudrey Gorin2009 
World Professional Association for Transgender Health: Mission and Vision. Response of WPATH to the proposed DSM 5 criteria for Gender Incongruence and Transvestic DisorderGail Knudson2013 
From transsexualism to transgenderism... changing health practitioners' cultureDenise Medico2012 
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Transgenderism and Mental Illness

Personality and psychopathology of G.I.D patients: a study with Rorschach testChiara Crespi2012 
Stigma, Mental Health, and Resilience in an Online Sample of the U.S. Transgender PopulationWalter O. Bockting2009 
Psychiatric Aspects of Transgender HealthJohn ParkinsonCanberra 2011 
Gender Dysphoria, DSM-5 and BeyondKenneth Zucker2015 
First Australian National Trans-Mental Health Study: Mental Health Problems and Associated FactorsP.J. Matt Tilley2016 
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Medico-Legal and Gender Identity

Medico/Legal Issues in the Treatment of Young People with TranssexualismRachael D. WallbankSydney 2007 
The Right to Gender Identity: Legal Perspectives from Europe and Latin America (Within the WHO Symposium on (trans)gender identity disorder, human rights and health)Johanna WestesonGlasgow 2011 
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Sexual Rights, Sexual Health, Sexual Minorities

Sexual Rights of Transgenders in JapanYuko Higashi2009 
A hidden trap in the health-based approach to transgender phenomenon in JapanYuko Higashi2014 
Sexual Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Persons in AfricaJane BennettSydney 2007 
Changing perspectives on sexual minorities - The Stoller effectXzenu Cronström BeskowGoteborg 2009 
Taking care of human rights: Placing trans* healthcare in a framework of human rights.Justus EisfeldGlasgow 2011 
The World Professional Association for Transgender Health: Mission and Vision: WPATH: Day-to-DayGail Knudson2012 
Tasmania transformed: a case study in changing laws and attitudes to sexual minoritiesRodney CroomeSydney 2007 
Debating Current Transgender Sexual Health IssuesRuth McNairCanberra 2011 
Young Trans or Gender Diverse People; The needs of gender variant children and their parentsElizabeth Riley2012 
The need to improve capacities of heatlh care providers (Spanish)Aysa Saleh-Ramirez2015 
Transempregos Project: a Way for Transgender people to Reach DignityMárcia Rocha2016 
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Tributes to Pioneers on Gender Identity issues

John Money: contributions to understanding cross-gender identityRichard GreenSydney 2007 
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Mental Health

Therapy from the heart: Psychotherapy in the WPATH Standards of Care for transsexual, transgender and Gender non conforming peopleLin Fraser2014 
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