The integrative approach of the WPA model

Prof. Simonelli Chiara

Under the scientific guide of professors Juan Mezzich and Ruben Serrano a specific Educational Program on Sexual Health was established “keeping in mind the broadness of the field of sexuality”. Between the evidence-based research, the clinical wisdom and long experience in the field a new manual on “Psychiatry and sexual health” has been written by an international workgroup of 15 scientists and clinicians with the precious help of many other advisors. This modern approach is based on a contextualized and updated vision both for diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunctions, never forgetting the quality of life and all the other aspects concerning the single one or the couple.


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Recorded: Sydney, Australia, April 2007

Simonelli Chiara
Simonelli  Chiara
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Prof. Simonelli Chiara

"Chiara Simonelli is an associate professor in clinical sexology at La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy. She is a regular lecturer in the psychology and psychopathology of sexual behavior and also teaches the degree course in psychology.
Professor Simonelli graduated in 1975 in psychology and psychotherapy and from 1976 - 87 she was a consultant in sexual dysfunction, vasectomy, assisted conception and sexual education in the schools within the Aied (Italian Association for Demographic Education) in Rome. Professor Simonelli is a founding member and the President of the SISS (Italian  Society of Scientific Sexology) and from 1986-87 she was part of a multi-disciplinary group researching the psychological problems in AIDS sufferers.
Professor Simonelli has acted as a consultant for the television programme ‘Love and Sex: Instructions for use?’ and received the Culture Prize in 1989 for her book ‘Psychology and AIDS’. Professor Simonelli is the author of a variety of scientific publications and around 200 theoretical or experimental working papers, she is also the Vice President of FISS (Italian Federation of Scientific Sexology), a Member of the Advisory Board of WAS (World Association of Sexology) of the Executive Committee of EFS (European Federation of Sexology) and of IASR (International Academy of Sex Research)".

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