Sexual Rights, Parents and Young People

Dr. Gill Greer

Investment in young people's health and education is critical for their wellbeing, resilience and development. The recognition that young people are also human rights holders and sexual beings, entitled to enjoy their sexuality, is a more contentious concept.

In some countries, parents' desire to protect their children from unplanned pregnancy, STIs and exploitation makes it difficult to accept young people's desire for meaningful relationships, their need for information and confidential services, and thus deny them rights linked to their sexuality. The outcomes are often negative, shrouding sexuality in fear and guilt. Conversely, in other areas young people may be denied their human rights in other ways as parents seek to impose harmful traditional practices, or forced early marriage.

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Recorded at the 20th WAS World Congress for Sexual Health - ‘Forging the Future: Sexual Health for the 21th Century',Glasgow,United Kingdom,June 12 – 16, 2011


Gill Greer
Gill  Greer
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Dr. Gill Greer

Former Director-General of IPPF, Dr Gill Greer is a highly experienced and committedsexual and reproductive healthprofessional. She was formerly the Executive Director of the New Zealand Family Planning Association, with a staff of 300 people, and IPPF Member Association.
Dr Greer has been a member of the New Zealand government delegations to the United Nations General Assembly Session on HIV/AIDS (2006), the United Nations World Summit (2005), the Commission on the Status of Women (2005) and the Commission on Population and Development (2004).
She has been awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to family planning.has been made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in recognition of her outstanding work over many years on behalf of women, young people, health and human rights.

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