Dr Vinod Chebbi


Dr Vinod Chebbi is a Sex, Marriage & Psychotherapist, renowned for having developed his own methods and never afraid to try new approaches in order to help his patients, he is the first in India to combine psychotherapy and couples therapy into a comprehensive therapy model. He is also the first in India to provide intensive seclusion therapy for couples having marital-sexual issues, resulting in 86% success. Dr Chebbi uses interactive and experiential techniques along with group discussions and the most challenging cases interest him the most. Never one to admit defeat, he is a specialist when it comes to unconsummated marriages, vaginismus, painful intercourse, sexual desire disorders and intimacy disorders. He has participated in several panel discussions and many programmes under his guidance have aired in leading television channels in Karnataka. He is also invited by news channels to share his opinions on social and psychological issues on a regular basis. Consulting with the legal and justice department in marital cases is also an area where his expertise has been utilized. A passionate teacher, he delivers lectures on sex therapy, psychotherapy and marital therapy at the PG level in Kuvempu University. He is also a guest lecturer at Christ University. Equally passionate about writing, he has authored three books, several articles and columns in leading periodicals of the country. Dr Chebbi has conducted workshops in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Nagpur and Jaipur, and has presented research papers in several national and international conferences with a delegate audience from over 21 countries.

Vinod Chebbi
Vinod Chebbi


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Psychosexual Therapy for Couples: Beyond Masters and Johnson2016



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