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Women Sexual Health

Cognitive Behavioral Sex Therapy

Mindfulness applications to women's sexual difficultiesLori Brotto 
Mindfulness-based CBT and women's sexual dysfunction: applications for low desire, sexual distress, and provoked vestibulodyniaLori Brotto 
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Vaginal Dryness and Treatment

Vaginal Dryness: Medical treatment options when sex hurtsJennifer Dew 
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Education and Women's Sexual Health

Young women leadership academy - ZambiaChilambe Katuta 
A decade of Ngarrindjeri Mimini Cervix screeningYvonne J. Thomson 
Non formal sexual rights education and sexual pleasure: experiences from a grassroots training program in TurkeyEvre Kaynak 
Sexual Health Wellness for Women: an integrated treatment modelShannon Chavez 
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Research on Women and sexual healh

Women's health: what's sex got to do with it?Patricia Barthalow Koch 
Determinants of Sexual Dysfunction: the Contribution of Psychological, Medical, Relationship and Psychopathological FactorsPedro J. Nobre 
On Orgasm, some Correlates and Sexual SatisfactionKatarina Öberg 
Review of Potential Role of Bremelanotide (Pt-141) in Treating Female Sexual DysfunctionMichael Perelman  
Persistent genital arousal: problem, pathology or normative response?Sandra Leiblum 
Researching sex between womenJuliet Richters 
PDE5 Inhibitors: Do they have a Role in Treating Female Sexual Dysfunction?Rosie King 
Brain Activation during Sexual Arousal and Orgasm in WomenBarry Komisaruk 
Female Sexual Pleasure: a Dialogue about Quantative and Qualitative ResearchBeverly Whipple 
Trait affect and sexual functioning: differences between women with and without sexual dysfunctionCátia Oliveira 
Wellbeing and sexual esteem as predictors of women's sexual satisfaction and functioningSandra Vilarinho 
Young women leadership academy - ZambiaChilambe Katuta 
Prevalence of vaginal practices in Tete province Mozambique.Brigitte M. Bagnol 
The life work of a sexual health educator and researcher.Beverly Whipple 
High chlamydia prevalence found among young Australian men and women - results from the Australian Chlamydia Control Effectiveness Pilot (ACCEPt).Jane Hocking 
A Short-term Prospective Study of Female Sexual Subjectivity, Age, Sexual Behavior and Romantic StatusMelanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck 
Breaking the silence around sexual difficulties: Raising up women's voices through qualitative research.Catherine O'Mullan 
Double-blind Randomized Placebo Controlled Trial of Oral Metronidazole in combination with either Vaginal Clindamycin or an Oestrogen-containing Vaginal Probiotic for the Treatment of Bacterial VaginosisCatriona Bradshaw 
Researching Women's Sexual Health: A Social ResponsibilityJulia R. Heiman 
Is the stage of the menstrual cycle related to chlamydia detection?Dana Forcey 
Deconstructing sex: an in-depth qualitative exploration of women's sexual experiences and difficultiesMadalena Grobbelaar 
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Treatment and women sexual health

Androgens and female sexual dysfunctionSusan Davis 
The Vaginal Bypass Procedure-Should apareunia due to vaginismus be treated with IVF?Jules Black 
Integrative models in female sexual disordersMoshe Mock 
Nontraditional Medical Treatment for Sexual Desire Disorders in Women - Research PerspectiveBeverly Whipple 
Non-traditional Medical Treatment for Desire Disorders in Females - Ob/Gyn PerspectiveLeah Millheiser 
Traditional and Non-Traditional Medical Treatment for Desire Disorders in Females - Psychopharmacology PerspectiveBonnie Saks 
Traditional and Nontraditional Medical Treatment for Desire Disorders in Females - The UK PerspectiveDavid Goldmeier 
A case of systemic sex therapy with female sexual arousal disorder: a different modelDesa Markovic 
Pelvic inflammatory disease in the era of the Microbiome Project and evolving antimicrobial resistance: implications for cliniciansJeanne Marrazzo 
Representations of women sexuality among nurses in BrazilElisabeth Meloni Vieira 
The Treatment Seeking Trajectory of Women with Genital Pain ConditionsKathy Bond 
Suffering in Silence: SSRIs, Stigma and Sexual DifficultiesCatherine O'Mullan 
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Perspectives on Women's sexual health

The impact of study design on prevalence estimates of Female Sexual DysfunctionRichard Hayes 
Selecting Outcome MeasuresCindy M. Meston 
'You're as young as the one you feel' - Sexual Arousal in the Elderly WomanAlessandra Graziottin 
Female sexuality under stress - the effect of chronic illness, disease, disability and in the nursing homeLesley A Yee 
How to deal with female cancer in a society where emotions are not easily discussed: a Japanese experienceMiyako Takahashi 
Hypoactive sexual desire disorder: prevalence and differential diagnosisAnita Clayton 
Current guidelines on Testosterone replacement in men and womenKevan Wylie 
Sexual aspects of hormones and the female bodyJohannes Bitzer 
Sexual aspects of the physical impaired female bodyWoet L. Gianotten 
Neither lesbian nor straight - reclaiming the middle groundRuth McNair 
Male and female sexual dysfunctions: Results of four years of clinical activtySimonelli Chiara 
Endometriosis and quality of sexual life: what do we know?Francesca Tripodi 
The consequences on quality of life and sexuality in chronic female schizophrenic patients.Ioana Valentina Miclutia 
Women's sexual health today: the challenge of blending science, culture and dreamsAlessandra Graziottin 
Before you go on a sexual safari, get a good map!Tina Nevin 
Women's bodyrights and christian sexual ethicsSólveig Anna Bóasdótti 
Relationship between African American women's menstrual learning and their menstrual attitudes: Does socioeconomic status make a difference?Spring Cooper Robbins 
Antenatal STI and BBV testing at Aboriginal Medical Service Western SydneyDea Delaney-Thiele 
Sexual Dysfunction and Menopause: Is it hormones, me or ...?Mandy Deeks 
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Politics and Social issues and Women's Sexual Health

Women's sexual health today: the challenge of blending science, culture and dreamsAlessandra Graziottin 
Perceptions of Vaginal Manipulation in the Context of HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Tete - MozambiqueBrigitte M. Bagnol 
Pleasure or Pain? Women's Perceptions of Harm and Sexual Risk: a Qualitative Study of Vaginal Practices in Kwazulu-Natal, South AfricaFiona Scorgie 
The Social Constructions of Vaginal Practices in Indonesia: the Use of Traditional Remedies to Dry and Tighten the VaginaIwu Dwisetyani Utomo 
Female genital mutilation/cutting as a development issue, looking at power dynamics among women and menDaniela Colombo 
Women, Violence and Sexual Health in PNG.Angela Kelly 
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Vaginal Agenesis

Sexual satisfaction and outcomes in women with vaginal agenesisSonia Grover 
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Sexual Pleasure

Physiopharmacology of women's sexual pleasure responseSrilatha Balasubramanian 
Sexual Behaviour and Satisfaction in Finnish Heterosexual WomenMargita Sundstedt 
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